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Learn How To Setup Roku.Com/Link Account Easily | Setup : Roku Account Setup Tips

Roku Account Setup

ROKU is one of the best digital platforms for entertainment with significance for information and general awareness all at the same time.

Setting-up a ROKU link account

  • Open the browser (e.g. Google, Internet Explorer Firefox etc.) you are at ease with. And then enter the roku connection link
  • Two choices will be prompted. You must choose one to move ahead with the roku com activation:
  • Firstly you will be asked if you want to Log-in using the option Sign In or Sign up
  • If you select Sign-in, then it indicates that you need to put in your ROKU Activation Code. This specific option is for the re-activating clientele. Do the steps as indicated and then click the ‘next’ button to advance further.
  • By choosing the Sign Up option, you will have to make a new roku com link account. Enter the information that will be asked- like your name, email id etc.

Later create a pin code to access your ROKU com link account. Strengthen this pin with special characters like &, *, ^, “etc for added online security.

Finally you now have a brand new ROKU link account to enjoy digital TV at its finest with ROKU.

The Payment

  • Next make the payment for the roku com link subscription with:
  • A Credit Card (The most chosen method by loyal ROKU enthusiasts)
  • A Pay-Pal Account

Further ROKU Installation

  • Connect the ROKU Device (ROKU Set-Top Box, ROKU Stick etc.) to the TV. Or in other cases you can set two options:
  • The Primary Option: This will always be the bigger viewing device like the TV or a Computer. It is because to watch the movies or the favorite pick is always enjoyable on a bigger screen.
  • The Secondary option: Besides the above choice, it is always good to have a second set of devices to view and enjoy your ROKU.

Unlike the first set, it isn’t necessary that you have a bigger size screening gadget. You can choose to have your roku com link streaming on your mobile phone or your tab.

Infact, this is the option with ease because, you carry it anywhere you like, with effortlessness. Additionally just plug in your head phones and then enjoy your ROKU Online Streaming without any background disturbances and interference.

  • Choosing the internet medium is totally upto the customer. But ROKU suggests:
  • Having a good Wi-Fi source. Undoubtedly, this is a great pick because you have more of a stability and dependability with this selection.

Choose a fiber optic or a related well-built connection within this alternative.

  • Nonetheless, a strong Ethernet connection or a similar option is adequate if it carries an excellent bandwidth in good speed.
  • Then make the selection of a language. Importantly, the instructions to move forward with the ROKU set-up will only be given in this language of your selection.

Equally important is the option of selecting a country of operation too. Make these two choices and your account is good to go.

  • Last but not the least; complete the modification of your personal roku com link account with the channels you like. Free or paid, arrange them the way you prefer your list to be. Go to official roku site for more information.


If you face any problems during the installation/roku account set-up or have any ROKU link doubts, please visit the website. Our technical team will always help you through your ROKU troubles.

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