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How to Activate Roku Device With : Know Your Device activate device and add channels

Roku Convert Your Ordinary TV Into Smart TV

Why not spin your TV into a modern device of online streaming??? Be modern, be in the surge of up-to-the-minute requires, be the higher preference… In the top with the most advanced technological innovations and one of the upper hands in the transition of the online streaming services, ROKU is the first choice for many. It brings you on the spot, direct streaming of your most favored TV programs and movie archives to your device of use. All these and many more only through

Roku World – Modern Technology

ROKU is an expansive world with a door opening to a world of novelty, contemporary entertainment, and hi-tech progression all fused and woven into the marvel called Online Streaming. ROKU or (expanded as) ROKU services and players (Streaming Channels, TV, Stick, Players) in very explainable terms is an encasement of modern technological advancement. They come along the top in the hierarchical order of streaming services and devices offered. They are a lineage of products designed and bought to you by ROKU. Inc

ROKU only works when the streaming device receives the release of information transmitted. This is done with the help of a provided Wi-Fi connection or any form of an internet connection that stays uninterrupted. As a result, the resulting data from the streaming device is conveyed to you in the course with an audio or a broadcast cable. A video escort or an HDMI transmitting device can also help in getting your service straight into your ROKU application contrivance. To get more in sequence on ROKU and the services, please visit

Roku ! Why it different from others?

Watching TV is no more aggravation, rather you don’t even need a television set for it. In these times of innovations upon innovations, online streaming has not been this easy up-to-date with options like ROKU. ROKU stands as a pioneer in having this formulation put into operation. This, in turn, enables the customers to have the first hand on world-class finest TV entertainments, musical fun, Movie surfing, News and information, Sports updates, etc. With a renowned team of dedicated customer experts at a constant watch, Roku is proud to be part of your enjoyment experience. 

It’s common knowledge that many businesses come and go especially in the information and innovation zone. But what keeps ROKU at the top is its persistent growth and popularity with great accessibility. So, to have that superior experience of an entertainment ride, let’s look into how ROKU can be arranged at your disposal at

ROKU Device: Setting-up the Streaming at!!!

Setting-up the ROKU account on the player of your choice (ROKU player/other(s)) is like a walk in the park, provided a little attention is paid to the steps and guide. It’s not really rocket science to set up when it is regarding the installation of the Roku Streaming Device on your TV. The most capturing fact is that it is now possible to catch up on the service on a 4K resolution TV, yet the routine of the setting up on the HD, Full HD, 4K etc TV all remain the exact same.

  • With the TV: Setting up ROKU
  • Connect your device provided by ROKU with your TV. It is worth noting that the company recommends using ONLY the original HDMI cables, power adapters and power chords allocated by ROKU at the time of installation.
  • To start the physical set-up process, first, connect one end of your provided HDMI cable to your ROKU device for streaming and the other side to the HDMI port of your Television set. In case you have an early model TV, using the composite cables are suggested.
  • Having the cables plugged to both your devices, plug up the ROKU streaming gadget to a switchboard with a steady flow of electricity. 
  • Now, turn-on your device provided by ROKU.
  • The ROKU logo will appear on your TV screen. This indicates the victorious start of the installing of your ROKU service.
  • You will then be promoted to the language selection section. This will decide on the language you are further shown on the system.
  • Select the ‘OK’ tab and choose the preferred language of your choice (e.g.: English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.)

(Note: It should be made sure that you select the right language as the menu and the other content that follows will be displayed in your chosen dialect.)

  • After that, you will be prompted to be connected to an internet network. 

You can do that in two ways:

  • Either connect to a strong Wi-Fi. To do that, 
    • Select ‘Connect to your Network
    • After that select the ‘Wireless’ option
    • Then select the Wi-Fi network that you are using
    • Finally, enter the password to your network. 

With that, you are done with connecting if you are opting for a Wireless way. If not then,

  • Or you go for a second alternative where you can connect using a wired network with an Ethernet Cable
  • It is worth mentioning here that ROKU is maintained with an in-built trait that routinely searches for software updates for the one you have installed. So as soon as you have installed your software, it automatically gets updated with the latest version.
  • Having done that your installation is complete and the device starts automatically for setting up to the latest revise. Finally, after it is completed, your Roku activation code gets displayed on the screen.

After this step is completed, it is time to sit back and enjoy as your ROKU launch is completed for your TV.

As the activation for the TV is done with ROKU, now it’s time to take the next step and go for setting an online account to access and control your streaming. An effortless direction to create the Account

Family time and entertainment are a match made in heaven. Being together is what ROKU aims at for our patrons. So be set and ready to have your family and friends over. For a great time catching up your missed shows, munching popcorns over a nail-biting movie or simply live streaming the latest clash of your favorite sporting giants ROKU is here with you in all. To have that in-depth enjoyment of watching the online streaming of the choicest list, let’s look into how to set up and activate the online account at Roku Official Website

  • An absolute direction to activation

To enjoy the benefit of ROKU, creating an online account is a must. Once that’s done, it should be made sure that your device is too ready to be connected. The below directions are to guide you in making your ROU model ready to be watched.

  • To start with, getting on the ROKU official page is an absolute must. 
  • For that, on your PC or your mobile device open your browser and type in the link ‘’ in the URL space or in the search bar. If that doesn’t yield the outcome, then you can choose your choice from Google generated results or of the ones your search engine provides.
  • Then as the next step, enter the ROKU code that’s shown on the TV screen. This comes in the ‘Link Code’ section which is to help you link your gadget with your account.
  • If you are in possession of the code in advance or is an existing user renewing your account, you proceed to log in.

Tips and Tricks (1)(Troubleshooting the initial doubts):

There is a considerable amount of customers who join every day with ROKU who doesn’t have an official account for subscription as of yet. They are most of the time in a dilemma on the offers and add on specifics with this streaming service. So here we are letting you on a bite of some very tempting piece of information. It is not just Netflix or HULU or Showtime Anytime etc that is available on ROKU, but a tone load of entertainment gets you when with this. You can access Google Play Movies, Sling TV, HBO Go,, CNN, Fox News, etc. Even YouTube (and its premium) is offered with ROKU. So why the wait? Hurry up and get going, as you would not want to miss on any of the excitement with all these offerings. first time customer guide

Everything beautiful and everything new starts with the first time of trying. So as a first-time use, you guys needn’t worry as we are here to help. To set-up your account for the very initial time, you have to

  • Follow the steps given above in the An absolute direction to the activation section or get on to the Roku Signup on the browser you are using. Enter all the required details that you will be prompted to answer.
  • After all the information is filled up, click and agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ required for the usage of ROKU. (Not agreeing to these terms will prohibit you from registering with the company or using any further of their services).
  • Following that, you will be asked to create a personalized PIN for transacting with ROKU. 

(While creating the pin, make sure it’s unique and copy proof. This is to make your use more personal and without the interference of a third party). It’s the customer’s responsibility that their PIN stays safe. 

  • If you are linking your ROKU device now in this case, you get a pop up congratulatory message, indicating the setting-up is a success.
  • After that, you can go on and add the Channels from the ROKU Play Store to enjoy an unlimited flow of fun and excitement.

Please Keep in Notice:

It should be always kept in mind that not all the Channels and other platforms with ROKU are free. ROKU includes both Free as well as Pay-Channels, so to get hold of those pay and premium offer channels a subscription-free in a diminutive total is to be given. That is considered a small amount in comparison to the huge sea of entertainment that you get for yourself. Accurate information on the specific prices and the mode of payment will be listed in the Channel Store along with the record of channels which are in the Premium classification.

After Activation: How to- with the ROKU player!!!

  • Once activated with the, the ROKU device is ready and rolling for use.
  • To start the streaming and watching your addictive programs, they have to be added from the Channel’s store list from the ROKU Channel Store.
  • With having added then, the channel activation codes will have to be entered to start them function properly. You can get these codes after you have added each specific channel from their relevant opening locations.
  • Having done with the activation of each of your choice, it’s time to start enjoying the streaming. 

It’s a point to be noted that you can always purchase add-on pay channels from the Channel Store of an active connected account of a ROKU subscription

Technical Support: We are with you

ROKU is known to have minimal disruptions and technical difficulties. But going on to say that nothing can be 100% full proof is a true statement. And with ROKU, the same theory applies in its being. Whenever a glitch pops up (which is a rare occurrence), the technical team is at hand to solve your matter.

We help you with:

  • Unable to access the device

At times our customers find it a tad bit difficult to get on with the device or activate the link due to a lack of knowledge with dealing on the How’s of ROKU.

  • Device Malfunction

Very rarely the gadget gets a bit of hitch due to an undetected problem. Nearly cent percent of the times these items are up to the mark as we have a strict policy of through check (for software and hardware health) before the item leaves for you.

  • These two above are the problems for which the queries are passed on to us most of the time. For these or any more of clarification regarding the technical stuff, you can reach us at +1 (888) 294-6308 (toll-free)

Support for ROKU: Common Issues

Even though there are mere chances of a glitch cropping up, we are at your service to solve any problems coming your way. Our overhaul embraces repairs for:

  • Launch help with activating the account
  • Help with tracing the Roku Activation Code
  • Support with activating the channel
  • Issues regarding device/system freeze
  • Validity problems with the activation code
  • Playback concerns
  • Help with finding the ROKU URL
  • Concerns regarding the ROKU remote
  • Help with the ROKU error codes
  • Handling queries related to the wireless network
  • Finding link
  • Etc. etc. …
my Roku com link

Tips and Tricks (2)(Troubleshooting Confusions):

The best feature of the ROKU devices at offer is the fact that they have an automatic built-in HD, Full HD and a whole 4K class with the task of streaming to its fullest quality. Even then there are minor problems that can be solved with a tad bit of help.

  • Here it is a common confusion rather than a problem when there is trouble in watching a full HD content on a TV that’s equipped to handle the full resolution with HD transmission. This problem arises when the HDMI connector is plugged into the wrong HDMI port of the said TV.
  • When the internet has a connectivity problem, streaming can be interrupted too. Check your internet connection too when there is interference with your streaming.
  • Audio can’t be in a clear form if the plug-ins are not proper. So adjusting that can clear the audio.
  • Again, when the remote control doesn’t function properly make sure the batteries are fully loaded. Otherwise, you should change it.
  • Along with all these simple setbacks are minor issues that arise from little negligence in handling the ROKU products. 

With these minor hitches, it is an easy way that they can be rectified mostly with troubleshooting.

  • Along with the above indications, there are a few more of the troubles that you can keep in mind.
  • Problem: Trouble with watching a particular video.

Solution: Occasionally, definite videos that you are looking forward to watching don’t load/are not compatible with the specifications on your Roku device.

This is a really irritating situation because of the fact that you aren’t able to watch something that you love. But don’t worry, as this problem can have a solution too. At times, the video doesn’t play because your subscription to that specific channel is just over. You can either re-subscribe to this channel or watch the same program on a different ROKU one it is on. But even after the re-subscription and (or) other programs are on a working mode other than this specific program, please contact the customer care.

  • Problem: Buffering Matter

Solution: This is due to the transmission issues with the internet or a loose connection with the device and the internet. This can be solved by increasing the bandwidth of your internet from your ISP.

  • Problem: Can’t play the video in a clear/good quality or No video playing on any of the ROKU channels

Solution: In this specific situation, it is quite clear that the ROKU device isn’t connected to a strong source. Try the following methods to rectify it.

  • Go to Settings>Network>Network status
  • Check there if the internet is connected
  • If the status is connected, try reloading the video. If the problem still persists, contact our customer care at
  • If it says ‘Not Connected’, then
    • Either, setting up a wireless approach is advised. 
    • Or, disconnect all other appliances connected with the internet (this is to reduce the network traffic/congestion when it restarts). Then re-start the internet and try re-establishing the link to play the video. If the video is back again, it’s a success. If it doesn’t please contact the customer desk at

ROKU remote ( Issues and Solutions!!!

ROKU remote is the main crucial position where you are at a must with this to work anything related to the streaming and watching. With the ROKU start-up set comes a pack of two remote controls. One is that of a regular IR standard and the other with a feature of an Enhanced-Point-Anywhere remote. To have a proper un-interrupted functioning, the IR remote needs a straight linear unhindered connection with the remote and the device. With the enhanced one, pointing anywhere gets you a connection. Even if you accidentally point in the opposite direction of your ROKU device, this one still works fine. On a normal day, the ROKU provided remotes are very easy to handle and seldom have any complaints. In case of a problem, please do refer to the solutions given below.

  • In the right Direction

If using the IR remote make sure you are pointing it in the right direction. As explained above, make sure your remote and the device is aligned in the right position without any hindrance.  In the meantime, try moving nearer to the device, as the distance is a factor too for the proper functioning of the IR remote. 

  • Resetting the batteries

If it’s the problem of the EPA remote that isn’t working to the mark, it is good to seek at setting the position of the batteries. You can open the battery compartment and reset the batteries. Most of the time the working gets back on the remote. This applies to the IR remote too.

  • Replacing the batteries

In some cases, the remotes don’t work as before even after the resetting. In this case, it is advisable to replace the old batteries with new ones. It should be made sure that great quality original batteries are used in the ROKU products.

  • Change to the IR/Enhanced remote or Replace.

With the change in the batteries, the remotes should start to work clean. But in the rare cases, if it doesn’t, try switching between the IR and the EPA remotes as both are provided at the time of the initial installation. And if both cease to work, then only as a last resort you have to order a new remote that fits your choice/needs.

Tips and Tricks (3)(Troubleshooting for the EPA remote):

Enhanced Point Anywhere (EPA) remote is one of a kind in the hassle-free enjoyment of modern TV. It is able to function anywhere in the vicinity of the ROKU device even if it is pointing in the exact opposite direction. To start the troubleshooting process make sure your remote is already harmonizing and attuned with your device. You can understand that when you get a Pairing Successful message on your screen. 

Resetting both your ROKU EPA remote and device is a great option to improve your issue. A few steps for your readjustment of the remote is given below:

  • Uncover the back panel of your EPA remote to take out your batteries
  • After that switch off the power from your device and remove all the connecting chords.
  • Later, after a few minutes restore all the chord links to your ROKU device.
  • Switch back on the power.
  • With the home screen running now, put back the removed batteries in you ROKU EPA remote.
  • In the mean time, this should solve your problem. But
  • If the problem still persists, try the troubleshooting one more after a waiting some more time
  • Saying that, if the remote still has problem with its working, it is advisable wither to switch it with an IR Standard remote of wholly replacing the EPA one.

Finally the assurance…

Nothing gets to the point of being 100% perfect. At some point, there will be a tiny glitch. So when that happens with the ROKU streaming devices, worry no more. We at is always at your hand to walk you through the steps to solve the hiccup and rectify the malfunction. Available all days of the week 24/7 and up for every week of the year, no other service assistance can go past us. With a great team of well experienced and skillfully qualified personnel, our help is always at your dispense. Contact us, be at ease, resolve your troubles with

Reach out to us at: 

  • Phone: +1 (888) 294-6308 (toll free)
  • Link:


This is solely declaring that, our website is totally an autonomous website. We only garner and make available the information regarding concerns related to the ROKU streaming gadgets. We would like to make it clear here on this platform that, we do not have a particular collaboration with ROKU. This declaration applies to the services they provide or their any other offerings.

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